1. 1
    Deep Water
  2. 2
    Oh Damn
  3. 3
    Lo Fi Soul
  4. 4
    Don't Know How To Love You
  5. 5
    Strange World
  6. 7
    Crack The Code
  7. 8
    Honey, There's The Door
  8. 9
    Lay It Down
  9. 10
    Broken Record
  10. 11
    Some Way Some How
  11. 12
    How Dare You
  12. 13
    Baby Doll
"Lo-Fi Soul" owned by me & my label, Reinhart Records
Cynthia  G.

A fantastic album - I love every song in it particularly “Don’t Know How To Love You”, words and music are great. The execution and rendition of each tune is, without a doubt, pure Haley Reinhart.

Her voice takes the listener to a time and place that pulls at his or her heartstrings. She takes me there every time I listen to her sing.

She is truly a vocalist on a league of her own.

I look forward to her next album.

Ken M.

Not since Fleetwood Mac Rumors have I purchased an album where I felt every song stands on its own merits. From the towering Deep Water to the entrancing Oh Damn and every song that follows, Haley embodies the spirit of Etta James. "I've got a lo-fi soul", well maybe, but it is unquestionable that Haley Reihart has soul. This album is Haley's masterpiece and quickly convinced me that Haley is my favorite modern day singer. 


por fin alguien que me entiende


Eric D.

Anyone wondering about music purchase/ download/ Subscription

 I just purchased yearly subscription.  After payment was able to download zip file of  *.wav files of both Lo-Fi Soul and Roll the Dice. 

In response to post below about Lo-Fi Soul on vinyl.   It was released on white vinyl and was available on Haley's site a few years back.  Nearly impossible to find now,  and everyone who has one is holding onto it.

Hope to see a repress of it on Reinhart records some day :)  So others can experience this incredibly well mastered and pressed album!  Haley's voice is something special... that's for sure. 


Shawn B.

I was going to purchase this album but I can't find what format it is  , I want to purchase it in cd form but I am not sure if that is what this is.

Liam L.

Can I download this album I just purchased or can I only listen to it via this website?

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