Haley's Subscription

Haley's Subscription


Robert K.

I was privileged to see both your Yoshi's shows on October 26th.

I suggested you consider your own special take on "Can't Get Out of this Mood". Here are two recordings:

    Sarah Vaughan - https://youtu.be/cKKfB6PUSyk

    Jerri Adams - https://youtu.be/aOwkEC8211o

Can't wait to see you perform again!

Jerry S.

Hello Haley, Absolutely love your singing. We live in Palatine, Maybe we'll run into you sometime.

Brendan O.

Hope to be informed for your upcoming tour dates. I'm in So. Cal.



Avalon M.



Brendan O.

Great photography, lighting, makeup, and your inner essence brought out from your team.

Justin H.

Smoking hot elegant beautiful 

Avalon M.

Love Haley reinhart. Music.    I’m such a huge fan 

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