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What's That Sound? Tracklist HERE

Today Haley reveals the full tracklist for her upcoming album, WHAT'S THAT SOUND?

Haley's album features covers from the 1960s, in addition to three of her own originals. Casey Abrams and Scott Bradlee have teamed up with Haley on select tracks.

Check out the list below!

1. Let’s Start
2. Baby It’s You
3. For What It’s Worth
4. The Letter
5. Can’t Find My Way Home
6. White Rabbit
7. Somewhere In Between
8. Oh! Darling ft. Scott Bradlee
9. Sunny Afternoon ft. Scott Bradlee
10. You Showed Me
11. Words of Love ft. Scott Bradlee
12. Bring the Love Back Home ft. Casey Abrams
13. Time of the Season ft. Casey Abrams
14. These Boots Are Made For Walkin’ 

WHAT'S THAT SOUND? is available for pre-order on Friday, June 16th. Click here to order.
Click here to download Haley's first single, "Baby It's You."

"Baby It's You" - Out Friday!

Good news for all you Haley fans and music-lovers! Haley is releasing the first single, "Baby It's You," off her new album. She is so excited to finally share one of her new recordings with you. "Baby It's You" will be available on Friday, June 16th. 

Stay tuned to hear more exciting news about Haley's upcoming album! 

Halien of the Month: Miguel

Miguel is a Haley Superfan who loves to connect with other fans on his website, haleyfans.com. Check him out below!

What part of the country/world do you live in?
Dallas, Texas,

What are your top 3 favorite things to do?
Traveling, watching college football, and making home improvements.

What do you do for a living?
I’m a copywriter. I work at an ad agency.

Tell us what it means to you to be a fan of Haley Reinhart?
Being a fan is something new to me. I’ve never followed a performer or athlete before. I was first drawn to Haley’s talent, but have since developed an appreciation for how she approaches life. She embraces each new day and exudes kindness, gratefulness and positivity. She inspires people musically and personally.

Tell us about the first time you saw or heard Haley’s music? Where was it and what do you remember?
The first time I saw Haley live was at an afternoon radio promo gig in Tyler, Texas where she received a marriage proposal (from someone else). I think she opened with, “Wasted Tears.” That evening she performed at the House of Blues in Dallas as part of a paid event hosted by another radio station. It was there that I recorded the premiere of “Hit the Ground Runnin’” with a Flip cam.

How do you show your fandom for Haley?
For nearly six years I’ve run a forum-based site – HaleyFans.com – for people who are interested in keeping up with Haley and her career. We have contributors like Tusk and John who post nearly every day and others who post less often than they visit. There’s also an active foreign contingent.

What in your mind makes Haley Reinhart stand out from any other artist?
Her voice, her skill in using it, and her musical choices.

What currently is the most played song in your music library?
I buy Haley’s music to support her, but my music library is really YouTube. Lately I’ve been enjoying videos of Haley’s European tour performances.

What’s your favorite song from Haley Reinhart and why?
This is tough. I like “My Cake” in live performances because it’s a jam song that lets Haley play and improvise. I like “Listen,” and that it’s about something other than a personal relationship. On the other hand, “Undone” is the ultimate unwanted-breakup song. It captures the emotional devastation that can bring.

What is your favorite album from Haley Reinhart and why?
It’s hard to choose. Both are listenable from start to finish. “Better” has the advantage of being fresher in my mind.

Haley frequently collaborates with Scott Bradlee’s Postmodern Jukebox… what’s your favorite cover by the group and Haley so far and why?
I enjoy listening to their most popular video, “Creep,” and also like to read the praises from people hearing Haley for the first time. “Seven Nation Army” is another favorite.

Haley voices the character of Bill on Netflix’s F is for Family. Did you ever picture Haley being the voice of a little boy?
No. She’s so good at it though that when I watch the show I’m still unable to picture her doing the voice.

Season 2 just premiered on Netflix, have you watched all the episodes already?
I was binge watching and on episode 8 last night when I had to stop to take an extended phone call. I’ll finish it tonight.

What’s your favorite episode so far?
Episode 6 of S2 stood out because “Bill” becomes something of a problem child.

How do you stay connected with your favorite artists?
I keep up with Haley through social media outlets like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. I also sometimes search Google News. I follow Casey Abrams on Twitter and Instagram.

What’s your favorite piece of Haley Reinhart memorabilia?
A piece of art created by another fan, Cecilia. 

What was your first concert ever, the last concert you’ve seen and what will be the next?
Heart, Haley, and Haley.

How many times have you seen Haley Reinhart live?
8 shows in 4 states.

Did you attend any shows on Haley’s recent U.S. or European Tour? If so, which ones?
I traveled to Philadelphia for the “Better” tour after deciding the city would also afford an opportunity to see some historic sites.

What’s the furthest you’ve traveled to see a show?
The Internet says Philly is 1299 miles away.
Side Note: Haley’s travels around the world inspired me to travel more. In addition to traveling to see Haley, I visited the West Coast for the first time (Los Angeles and San Diego). And I’ll be taking my first overseas trip in August.

Tell us something about Haley Reinhart that a lot of other fans may not know?
She performs big, but is tiny in size. That only becomes obvious when she’s standing next to a 7-ft-tall clown. 

If you could tell Haley Reinhart one thing, what would it be?
Hope I didn’t startle you when I stepped into the room off the stairwell at Durty Nellies. I thought the door was an exit.
Seriously though, I wish nothing but the best for you. I’ve enjoyed watching you grow as a professional performer and look forward to more of the world discovering how talented you are.

Do you stay in touch with other Haliens? Tell us how your mutual fandom has helped you connect with others.
My most memorable interaction with other fans was at the first “Halien Shindig” organized and hosted by Steve K. in Haley’s hometown. I wasn’t the only Halien who came from out-of-state for the event and to watch Haley perform with her parents’ band in the nearby village of Buffalo Grove. Apart from that my interaction has mostly been online.

Haley Reinhart is releasing her new studio album soon… any guesses as to the title of the album and what it will sound like?
Based on the hashtag she pairs with the names of her other albums the title will be, “What’s That Sound.” A participant in the recording sessions said that the album will have a 60s vibe. That appears true as Haley has added a few songs from the 1960s to the Euro leg of her “Better” tour.

Who do you think will guest appear on the album’s tracks?
I will be surprised if B.o.B. is a guest. I know Haley has involved her family, Scott Bradlee, and Casey Abrams.

Click here to visit Miguel's site dedicated to Haley fans, or follow him on Twitter @HaleyFansDotCom.


F is For Family is Back for Season 2 & The Reviews Are In!

See what critics had to say about the new episodes below:

"As the return of F Is For Family continues to assert, life rarely gives you exactly what you want."
- Dennis Perkins, A.V. Club

"I like so many things about F Is For Family, and the way it’s thought through the inner lives of even the most minor and/or broad character."
- Alan Sepinwall, Uproxx

"F is for Family returns with a second season filled with obscenities, indignities, rampant abuse, and harshness as only Bill Burr can deliver."
- Matt Fowler, IGN

"The immensely funny show captures the beauty, stress, fragility, and utter madness of growing up lower middle class in a way that is unabashedly honest."
- James Shotwell, Substream Magazine

"Overall, F Is for Family improves in its second season, without changing much at all. It’s a bit funnier, a bit smarter and perhaps even a little bit dirtier, but many will find season 2 to be a straight continuation from season 1."
- Daniel Johnson, ScreenRant

F is For Family Season 2 is now available for streaming exclusively on Netflix.

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