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January Halien of the Month: Kindred

Meet Kindred! A loyal Halien since American Idol days, Kindred has seen Haley live 8 times and loves to interact with Haley & other fans on social media. Check her out!

What part of the country/World do you live in?
I was born and raised in New Hampshire, but I currently live in New York City.

What are your top 3 favorite things to do?
I love to play softball, go to Broadway shows, and learn my favorite songs on piano.   

What do you do for a living?
I’m currently in my sophomore year of college. I’m pursuing a bachelor’s degree in digital media with a minor in Spanish.

Tell us what it means to you to be a fan of Haley Reinhart?
To me, being a Halien means sticking around for the long run. The OG fans have been following Haley for nearly seven years now! We’ve been here through the highs and lows of her career, and even when nothing seemed to be happening, we never gave up or stopped supporting her. The most important part of being a Halien for me is knowing that however long it takes to get new Haley music (even the 4-year gap between “Listen Up!” and “Better” that almost killed us all), it will always be worth the wait. I always remind myself to stay patient and remember that Haley only wants to put out meaningful art she feels proud of. Being a Halien has also taught me that even though Haley’s style is constantly evolving, she will always stay true to herself as an artist and give her fans feel-good music. Her artistry has opened my mind to new genres that I would have never listened to otherwise, and she’s inspired me to broaden my musical horizons.  

Tell us about the first time you saw or heard Haley’s music? Where was it and what do you remember?
The first time I ever saw Haley was on Season 10 of American Idol, of course. I remember watching her during Hollywood Week and thinking she was insanely talented. Thank god she “made it through by the skin of her teeth” (I’m so sorry for making that reference, it pains me to relive it). The moment I fell in love with Haley was during Top 11 Redux week when she sang “Bennie and the Jets”. I distinctly remember watching that performance and knowing I was witnessing something special, something much bigger than any singing competition. The next morning, I went onto iTunes and downloaded all of her released Idol covers on my pink iPod Nano (2011 was a TIME). From that moment on, I was a full-blown Haley supporter!

The first time I ever heard Haley’s music in public was December 2012, when my local mall played her and Casey’s cover of “Baby, It’s Cold Outside” on a TV screen in the food court! I was so excited and overwhelmed. All I could think to do was take a really low-quality picture and post it on Instagram, because I wanted to commemorate the moment somehow.

How do you show your fandom for Haley?
I show my dedication to Haley mostly on Twitter, though I’m very active in liking/sharing her posts across all social media. I first made my Twitter account in June 2011, after learning about the website via a Haley Facebook fan page. From there, 13-year old me was thrown into the Halien Twitterverse. Twitter has become a place for me to express my love for many different things, but Haley always remains at the center. Over the years, I’ve used my creativity and amateur Photoshop skills to create many Haley-related pictures and collages. Every year I make Valentine’s Day cards with Haley lyrics; in 2016, she even reposted one of them on Instagram!

This past summer, when Haley posted a picture in a long yellow dress, I came up with the concept of the Halien universe; Haley is the Sun, and the Haliens are the planets orbiting around her. I edited a bunch of Haliens’ faces onto the picture as a joke, but the Queen Halien herself, Rachel Cloves, actually got the design put on a t-shirt!

I also support Haley at her live shows (on the rare occasions when she actually travels to the East Coast), but most of the time you can find me tweeting nonsense at her or about her!

What in your mind makes Haley Reinhart stand out from any other artist?
There are many reasons I think Haley is “so very special”, but one thing that has always stood out to me is how involved she keeps her family in her musical endeavors. The amount of talent the Reinhart family possesses is otherworldly. Haley always goes back to her roots and turns her music into a family affair, which makes her albums that much more of an honor to listen to. Another reason Haley stands out to me is that she’s able to sing any genre of music. Jazz, blues, pop, funk, or soul, her versatility is endless. Haley’s ability to create so many different sounds but still maintain a distinct voice as a recording artist is a testament to her immense talent. It’s thrilling to think that whatever she releases, you will never know exactly what to expect; Haley’s music is unpredictable!

What currently is the most played song in your music library?
The most played song of all-time in my music library is “White Teeth Teens” by Lorde. My most played Haley Reinhart song is “Oh My!”, which still deserves justice by the way.

What’s your favorite song from Haley Reinhart and why?
My favorite song changes constantly because they’re all SO incredible, but I think I have to go with “Good or Bad”. That song makes me feel something new every single time I hear it. It’s simultaneously beautiful and haunting. Also, to this day the Haliens comment “you make it hot hot bb come on” on each others’ pictures, because it’s the most iconic lyric ever written. “Good or Bad” is one of those songs that I can never see myself getting sick of, because listening to it is such a spiritual experience.    

What is your favorite album from Haley Reinhart and why?
As much as this feels like choosing a favorite child, I have to go with “Better”. Every single song on that album is a BOP. Incredible lyrics combined with catchy melodies, what more can one ask for? This album defined Summer 2016 for me; it makes me think back to countless sing-alongs in my car while driving around aimlessly. “Better” still feels like a special blessing to me because Haley was originally supposed to release an EP, but was able to turn it into a full-length album after the viral success of “Can’t Help Falling in Love”. I can’t imagine living in a world where any one of these songs isn’t in my life! This album truly demonstrates Haley’s growth as an artist and showcases the beauty of her original material.

Haley frequently collaborates with Scott Bradlee’s Postmodern Jukebox… what’s your favorite cover by the group and Haley so far and why?
The obvious choice is Creep since it now has over 40 million views on YouTube, but I also really love Seven Nation Army. The scatting and growl in her voice in that song is so distinctly Haley, and I’m obsessed with Scott’s arrangement of the tune. Also, Haley’s look in the music video is ICONIC with the dress and the gloves and the curly hair! I’m crossing my fingers that there’s a new PMJ/Haley collaboration in the works for 2018!


Haley voices the character of Bill on Netflix’s F is for Family. Did you ever picture Haley being the voice of a little boy? What’s your favorite episode so far?
The thought of Haley voicing a little boy never crossed my mind, but she has always mentioned wanting to branch out into other artistic mediums besides music, so I’m not surprised! She’s such a talented voice actress that if I didn’t already know it was her, I probably wouldn’t recognize her voice. I definitely never pictured sweet Haley being part of a raunchy animated series, but I’ve grown to love the show! I think my favorite episode is the Season 2 finale, because the last scene is so unforgettably wild. I won’t give any spoilers, but I’ll say that after a traumatic experience, Frank gives Bill and Maureen advice on how to cope with it: “But here’s how you deal with it: you just shove it down. Keep shoving ’til it goes away. It will try to come back up, but just keep shoving it down”. It’s super dark and twisted, but I think it’s hilarious because that’s how I deal with literally all of my problems. I also love that episode because it left me with an uplifting message: despite all of the hardships the Murphy’s have gone through, they can make it through anything as a family.

Season 2 premiered on Netflix recently, have you watched all the episodes already?
Yes! I binge-watched the entire season as soon as it was released. I can’t wait to see what happens in Season 3!  

How do you stay connected with your favorite artists?
Social media is an absolute blessing. I feel so lucky to live in an age where my favorite artists are so accessible, and I cherish being able to communicate with them online. By following celebrities I love on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat, I know I will never miss any new projects they are working on! Showing support for my favorite artists on social media has offered me so many life-changing opportunities I could not experience otherwise, and I am beyond thankful for these interactions every day.

What’s your favorite piece of Haley Reinhart memorabilia?
Easily the mugshot t-shirt! I swear it’s my most prized possession, I wear it all the time. More than it merely being hilarious, it represents a quality I admire so much in Haley: her ability to take a negative situation and spin it into something positive. The design of the shirt also fits seamlessly with the resistance theme of “What’s That Sound?”; we LOVE a marketing genius! The second I saw a picture of the merch table from the first tour stop, I knew I needed to own this shirt.

What was your first concert ever, the last concert you’ve seen and what will be the next?
My first concert ever was The Cheetah Girls (an ICONIC girl group). The most recent concert I went to was Haley’s What’s That Sound? Tour. I don’t have any concert plans in the near future, but I would love to see Postmodern Jukebox again! They always put on such a fun show and feature so many talented artists that I feel deprived if I go more than a few months at a time without seeing them. Fun fact: I’ve been to 6 PMJ shows over the past 2 years, and 3 of them were in the span of one week (what a time to be alive)!

How many times have you seen Haley Reinhart live?
I’ve seen Haley live 8 times! I first saw her at the American Idol Live Tour in 2011. In 2012, I was lucky enough to win tickets to meet her at the WXLO Music Loft and hear a few songs off “Listen Up!” before the album was even released. I got to skip school for the day, and I met a bunch of fellow Haliens that I knew from Twitter while I was there; it was totally overwhelming in the best sense of the word. I saw her open for Allen Stone in Boston in 2013, and I’ve seen her with PMJ twice (including their show at Radio City Music Hall, which to this day I feel lucky I was able to witness). I also went to her Better and What’s That Sound? tours. And last November, I got to sit in on her BUILD Series interview in NYC, and even got to ask her a question from the audience!

Check out this glo-up:


Did you attend any shows on Haley’s 2016 U.S. or 2017 European Tour? If so, which ones?
I attended the Better Tour in Boston in June 2016. It was my first time seeing Haley headline a show, which was such a surreal moment for me. Being able to stand front row and watch your favorite artist do what they love is an irreplaceable feeling. I’ll never forget what happened at the end of her set; when she walked off stage, the audience immediately began chanting “Haley! Haley!” while waiting for the encore. Knowing that such a huge crowd was there specifically to see Haley perform made me feel ALL the things. I’m overjoyed to know that more people are starting to recognize what a star she is.

Did you attend any of the shows on the What’s That Sound? Tour?
I attended the What’s That Sound? tour stop in NYC! I was so excited for the tour that I found the perfect outfit way back in August: a yellow and white striped jumpsuit. It’s not something I would normally wear, but I wanted to fully immerse myself in the 60s vibe, and dressing the part made the experience even more fun! On the day of the show, I made sure to get there early so I would be front row. Haley opened with “Better” before transitioning into tracks from WTS, and I felt like I witnessed the transition from HR2 to HR3 happen right before my eyes! Haley sounds even more breathtaking live (if that’s possible), and the entire night I was in awe of the raw talent standing 5 feet away from me. “Somewhere In Between” was a RELIGIOUS experience, and I’m embarrassed that I didn’t recognize its full brilliance until I heard it live (Haliens don’t @ me I’ve recognized my mistake). The most memorable moment of the night was when Haley sang “Can’t Help Falling In Love”. As soon as the first note hit, the entire crowd fell completely silent. For those 4 minutes, everyone was unspokenly united through the power of music, and the atmosphere was absolutely magical. Haley’s ability to bring people together with her voice is one of the many reasons she is a must-see live.


What’s the furthest you’ve traveled to see a concert?
I’m very fortunate to have always lived close to cities where artists often stop on tour. My hometown is only an hour from Boston, so it’s always pretty easy to travel back and forth. Now that I live in NYC, I utilize public transportation a lot, and I can get pretty much anywhere I want in the city to see shows. But I’d have to say the craziest distance I’ve ever traveled is taking a train to Asbury Park, NJ to see another one of my favorite artists, Brielle Von Hugel, play with the band Remember Jones. Between the subway and train, it took me about 3 hours each way. I know that’s not a super long trip compared to what some other fans go through, and I’m very thankful for that, but I was exhausted by the end of the night! If I had to, I would travel any distance to see my favorite artists live.

Tell us something about Haley Reinhart that a lot of other fans may not know?
By now, most Haliens are probably aware that Haley isn’t extremely social media savvy, but she has become much more active in recent years. Some of the interactions we get today would have been unheard of in 2011. She used to disappear from Twitter so frequently that one time when she attempted to have a Twitter party to answer fan questions, she literally had to tweet a picture to prove it was her! I still laugh thinking about it; us Haliens can be far too skeptical sometimes. I’m so happy that Haley has started using Instagram stories recently to update her fans on what she’s up to. It helps us stay connected and in-the-know, and gets us amped for future projects!


If you could tell Haley Reinhart one thing, what would it be?
I would want to tell Haley that the moment (at least I think it was a moment) we had during her BUILD Series interview meant more to me than she will ever know. When I stood up to ask her a question, she recognized me instantly and said in front of everyone “It’s like I’ve seen you grow up”. More than her simply remembering who I was, that one sentence solidified my 6+ years of dedication and support for her. I first became a Halien when I was 13 years old, so Haley has truly seen me shift, grow, and evolve from a teen into a young adult. As much as my teenage years were a time of immense change, Haley was always a constant in my life. Her positive energy was a ray of light in times when I felt suffocated by negativity. Haley telling me how grown up I am reaffirmed the immense social and emotional progress I have made over the past few years. The message of self-love she sends out into the universe has been the foundation for my confidence, and I can say without a doubt she has helped shape me into the person I am today.


If you'd like to connect with Kindred, say hello to her on Twitter @HaleyObsession or Instagram @KindredSaint.


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