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Halien of the Month: Kristina

Meet Kristina, a HER fan hailing from Norway! Kristina loves to travel to shows and just saw Haley perform live in London. Read below to learn more about this awesome Halien.

What part of the country/World do you live in?
I live in Oslo, Norway.

What are your top 3 favorite things to do?
I love traveling, going to concerts and spending time with the people I love.

What do you do for a living?
I am currently working as a barista. I just graduated college with a bachelor’s degree in marketing, so we’ll see where that takes me!

Tell us what it means to you to be a fan of Haley Reinhart?
Being a fan of Haley Reinhart is much more than just listening to her music. Haley is an exceptional role model and she is a girl I am proud to say I look up to. Not just as an artist with an incredible passion and drive for her work, but also as a human being. Haley always puts love and respect first, and her values really shine through in her work ethic. Being a fan of Haley has given me amazing friends, a sense of belonging, an immense amount of inspiration and of course, a soundtrack for life.

Tell us about the first time you saw or heard Haley’s music? Where was it and what do you remember?
I was actually lucky enough to spend three years in DC during my high school days, which also happened to be during the time Haley was on American Idol. My family and I rooted for her from the beginning, and I remember us all voting away every week.  Some of the performances that stick out from my memory are “The House of the Rising Sun”, “Bennie and The Jets”, “Piece of My Heart” and of course – “Oh! Darling”. I still listen to the recorded versions a lot!

A fun fact is that the first time I heard Haley’s music in public in Norway was in a TV commercial! “Show me your moves” was used in a commercial spot for a Scandinavian clothing chain. I remember frrrreaking out!

How do you show your fandom for Haley?
Although I’ve been purchasing her music and listening to her covers from American Idol ever since they were released, I was actually pretty late to the Twitter game. Up until I joined the online fandom about two years ago, I treasured her music and shared it with people around me. The dynamics of everything changed a lot when I finally decided to join the online fandom, and I’ve gotten to know some amazing people through Haley. Together we spread the word, freak out when even the smallest things happen, and create an inclusive and uplifting environment. The Halien fandom is an amazing thing to be a part of, and I am so excited to see what the future holds for Haley and us fans. If it was up to me I’d be front row at all her shows, but I am beyond thankful to have been able to see her twice… and I know there will be more eventually!

What in your mind makes Haley Reinhart stand out from any other artist?
First of all, Haley’s passion is incomparable. The way she pours her heart and soul into everything she does shines through in every aspect of her work, and I admire her so much for her drive. Not only is she an amazing vocalist with a unique sound, but also an incredibly hardworking artist. She carries herself so gracefully and with such poise, yet comes off as an absolute rockstar on stage. She can handle any genre and any style, and I can’t wait to see where she’ll go with her music in the future.

Haley inspires me to be the best version of myself and to work hard to get what I want. She always makes sure fans leave her shows feeling inspired, and manages to make every single person in the room (or on her Twitter timeline…) feel special. The bond she has to her fans is something really special that I’ll never take for granted, and I cherish every moment we get to interact with her.

What currently is the most played song in your music library?
The song I’m listening to the most at the moment is definitely “Baby It’s You”. It’s so refreshing to have new tunes from Haley blaring from the speakers! I became obsessed with her version when I heard it live in may, and it’s so exciting to finally be able to listen to a recorded version. The song with the most amount of plays in my iTunes library is actually Haley’s version of “Bennie and The Jets”.

What’s your favorite song from Haley Reinhart and why?
Don’t do this to me… I can’t choose! My top three are “Undone”, “Listen” and “I Belong to You”. Three very different songs, that all mean a lot to me for different reasons. From unwinding and having quiet time to myself and to dancing around in my bedroom – these songs have it all.

What is your favorite album from Haley Reinhart and why?
Listen Up! will always hold a very special place in my heart, but I think I have to go with Better. The second album seems a bit more sonically cohesive, and I really dig the sound on every single song. It’s been amazing to follow Haley’s journey from album to album, and I can’t wait to hear what’s in store for What’s That Sound? this fall!

Haley frequently collaborates with Scott Bradlee’s Postmodern Jukebox… what’s your favorite cover by the group and Haley so far and why?
This probably sounds like a generic answer, but “Creep” gets me every time. The PMJ video, the recorded version, the live version… it’s haunting and absolutely magical. I’m so glad I’ve gotten to experience it live twice.

Haley voices the character of Bill on Netflix’s F is for Family? Did you ever picture Haley being the voice of a little boy?
I must admit the idea never really struck me until it actually happened, but it’s an amazing new side to Haley and her voice fits the role perfectly. She is a girl of many talents! I’d love to see her do more voice acting.

What’s your favorite episode so far?
All episodes have some really funny moments and the show definitely displays a whole new side to Haley’s talents, but the episode in season 1 where we get a snippet of Haley singing “Oh Holy Night” really stuck with me for some reason.

Season 2 just premiered on Netflix, have you watched all the episodes already?
I haven’t actually been able to sit down and binge watch it yet, but I’m super excited to! Season 2 actually dropped the day of the London show in May, so it was cool to actually spend release night with Haley!

How do you stay connected with your favorite artists?
I keep up with quite a lot of artists; so social media has been a huge part in staying connected. I have post notifications on for my favorite artists, so I never really miss any posts. I love following what they’re up to, and Twitter is an amazing arena to connect with your favorites on a whole new level. Little can compare to seeing a notification from someone you admire, whether it’s a post notification or even a like or a comment.

What’s your favorite piece of Haley Reinhart memorabilia?
Haley signed my copy of Better when I met her in DC last summer, and I have it displayed on a shelf in my room. It reminds me of an amazing night and a memory I’ll never forget. I also have a headband that isn’t directly Haley memorabilia, but it still reminds me of her. On Haley’s last night of American Idol (I don’t wanna talk about it…) she wore a sparkly headband that I absolutely loved and I managed to find the brand and bought it back in 2011. I actually ended up wearing it the first time I met her last year!

What was your first concert ever, the last concert you’ve seen and what will be the next?
My first ever concert was a tour stop for the Norwegian version of Idol. I was about 11 years old and I still remember how exciting it was! The last concert I saw was Haley in London, and the next one I’m attending is Lorde in Oslo in October.

How many times have you seen Haley Reinhart live?

Did you attend any shows on the Haley’s recent U.S. or European Tour? If so, which ones?
I saw the Better tour at the Hamilton in Washington DC last june, and at the o2 Academy Islington in London this may. I met her both times and had an absolute blast. I’m so grateful I’ve gotten the chance to see and meet her twice, despite there usually being a huge body of water between me and her shows.

Will you be attending any shows on her Fall 2017 What’s That Sound? Tour?
I really want to, but I’ll have to wait and see as they’re all currently happening quite far away. Hopefully she’ll be back in Europe before we know it!

What’s the furthest you’ve traveled to see a show?
I travel a lot for concerts, since I usually try to find ways to see artists who don’t necessarily tour in Norway. I’ve been to Manchester and London for several shows, and I always love going back to the UK! The fact that I got to see Haley in DC last summer was actually a crazy coincidence. As I mentioned earlier I lived in DC for three years, and last summer was my first time visiting since I moved back to Norway in ‘11. Weeks after booking my tickets, Haley announced her tour and her DC show just so happened to fall on a day that I was going to be there. That means the first time I got to see and meet her was in the same city I sat on my couch six years ago voting for her every week. A full circle!

Tell us something about Haley Reinhart that a lot of other fans may not know?
The first thing that comes to mind isn’t a well-kept secret and probably won’t come as a surprise to anyone, but Haley loves experimenting with vintage clothing and different styles. She actually wore one of her mom’s old jumpsuits to her show in London, and she went shoe shopping at the Camden Market earlier that day!

If you could tell Haley Reinhart one thing, what would it be?
Ohhh, there’s a lot. The first time I met Haley I was a complete mess, and stuttered my way through our conversation. Thankfully I had remembered to write her a card beforehand, which I also did before I met her this year. That way I know at least some of the stuff I want her to know gets to her!
If I ever got the chance to sit down and have an unrushed conversation where I could tell her anything, I’d love to just talk about life and about music and anything that comes to mind. I’d also want to tell her how much I appreciate having a role model like her, and how proud I am of how much she’s achieved in only a few years.
Haley – thank you for being a constant in my life, and for always going the extra mile to make us smile. Thank you for being unapologetically you. I am endlessly proud of you and I can’t wait to see how far you’ll go. I’ll be on the sidelines cheering you on forever.

Do you stay in touch with other Haliens? Tell us how your mutual fandom has helped you connect with others.
I do! As I mentioned earlier, I was pretty late to the twitter game, but since I joined the online fandom I have gotten to know some really amazing people. It’s awesome to be able to connect with people who share your love for Haley and her music, and who have similar interests and motives. I actually traveled to the show in London by myself, and ended up meeting some really great people who I spent the entire night with. We had an amazing time laughing, crying and singing our hearts out in Islington that night. Seeing and meeting Haley surrounded by fellow Haliens is really something special!

Haley Reinhart is releasing What’s That Sound? soon… what track(s) are you most looking forward to hearing?
Though I’m pumped to hear Haley’s spin on all of these covers, I must say I am very intrigued to hear a recorded version of “Oh! Darling”. It feels very full circle! It’ll be fun to finally get some Haley & Casey jams as well, I’ve missed them making music together. I’m super excited for the vibe she seems to have going for this album, and I can’t wait to finally own one of Haley’s records on vinyl!

The only track released so far is “Baby It’s You” – tell us what your favorite part of the song and the video!
Aghhh, it’s just so good. I remember her singing it on Idol back in the day, but I completely fell in love with her version when I heard it on tour in May. She kills those high notes and those growls! My favorite part is the intense buildup and how she gets to showcase her unique voice. The video is so aesthetically pleasing, and my favorite part has got to be when she’s dancing around in the living room. I love that Haley brought some of her own props and outfits for the shoot, it makes it even more personal and really goes with her personal style.

You can follow Kristina on Twitter @krissykloss and Instagram @kristinahaar.

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