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Halien of the Month: Collin

Meet Collin, a fellow Halien who has adored Haley ever since he heard her audition for American Idol when he was 14! Find out more about Collin below. :) 

What part of the country/World do you live in?
I live in Rockwall, Texas (right outside of Dallas).

What are your top 3 favorite things to do?
I like to spend time with friends, eat, and play the piano.

What do you do for a living?
I am a senior marketing major and currently interning as a content creator for a digital marketing company.

Tell us what it means to you to be a fan of Haley Reinhart?
Being a fan of Haley Reinhart is one of the most beautiful things I’ve experienced in my short life. To be a fan of Haley Reinhart, you must remember that she loves you as much as you love her. Being a Halien is a blessing; there is nobody in this world quite like Haley. Watching her grow and blossom over these past six years has been the best experience any person could ask for.

Tell us about the first time you saw or heard Haley’s music? Where was it and what do you remember?
Oh oh oh oh myyy, the memories. The first time I heard Haley was her Idol audition back in 2011. I remember being like “this girl can saaaang.” However, the moment I became a die-hard Halien wasn’t until May 12, 2011. On this day, Haley sang her rendition of “I (Who Have Nothing)” by Ben E. King; it was the first time any musical artist had entrapped me in such a way. She gave me drama, she gave me Edith Piaf, she gave me a little crazy and a laugh away from a tear. It was literally a perfect performance and I will never forget the feeling she made me feel that evening. I’ll also never forget hearing “Free” in IHOP, “Walking on Heaven” in Red Lobster, and “Can’t Help Falling in Love” on the radio while I was driving on the Dallas North Tollway.

How do you show your fandom for Haley?
One of the biggest ways that I show my fandom for Haley is through my fan account on Twitter. I try to spread Haley’s music across other fandoms that I’m also involved in. I’ve suggested Haley’s music to my friends and each time, they have absolutely adored her. It warms my heart when I see people that I love fall in love with Haley – they literally can’t help it.

What in your mind makes Haley Reinhart stand out from any other artist?
Her talent and loving heart make her stand out from the rest. Every ear in the world deserves be graced upon by Haley’s vocals. When she sings, you believe every word. When she writes, you feel every emotion. There are rarely other artists that can do the same. Also, her heart is so big – she makes each and every one of her fans feel so very special.

What currently is the most played song in your music library?
Currently, Haley’s version of “The Letter” is the most played. I’ve had it on repeat since it came out a few weeks ago. It’s such a fun, head bangin’ jam that’s super sweet. I’m only slightly obsessed.

What’s your favorite song from Haley Reinhart and why?
First of all, I feel personally attacked by Team Haley right now. Secondly, I’d have to say my favorite song is “Talkin’ About.” The pre-chorus snatches my wig straight off and sends it into full orbit. There’s an undeniable groove to the song that makes it impossible to be sad while jamming out to it. The keyboard, the bass, the horns, the vocals, the artistry - slay my life, Reinhart.


What is your favorite album from Haley Reinhart and why?
I think Avelene (sweetheart and May 2017 HOTM) said it best, “this question is like asking a mother who her favorite child is.” I love both “Listen Up!” and “Better” equally, but for different reasons. When “Listen Up!” came out, I had just turned 16 and was about to get my driver’s license. It was all I blasted in my car for months on end. “Hit the Ground Runnin’” was played on repeat for months on end. That entire album will hold such a special place in my heart for the rest of my life.

With the release of “Better”, I had just overcome a depression that had its grips on me for the early parts of college. I was literally “feeling better, feeling better, feeling better” when the album came out in April of 2016. Every song on there is so beautifully made. I’m not sure how Haley does it, but she successfully manages to bring me to another place emotionally and spiritually.

Haley frequently collaborates with Scott Bradlee’s Postmodern Jukebox… what’s your favorite cover by the group and Haley so far and why?
I would have to say “Habits” is my all-time favorite. There’s something about the way Haley’s voice glides through that track that sends shivers down my spine. Also, Haley made direct eye contact with me when I first saw her live with PMJ in Dallas while singing, “I pickup daddies at the playground.” I’ve never died so quickly.

Haley voices the character of Bill on Netflix’s F is for Family. Did you ever picture Haley being the voice of a little boy?
I never pictured Haley being the voice of a little boy in an animated show; it’s honestly the cutest thing. I am so happy about how it turned out and the success the show has had.

What’s your favorite episode so far?
I’d have to say the season finale of season 1 is my favorite episode so far because of Haley’s voice gracing our ears with a snippet of “O Holy Night.” Plus, seeing little Bill as an altar boy was so adorable.

Season 2 just premiered on Netflix, have you watched all the episodes already?
I’ve only seen the first few episodes of this season; I’m trying to take it slow so that I can savor it before season 3 comes out. So far, I’m in love!

How do you stay connected with your favorite artists?
Twitter. I find that this is the easiest and most exciting way to keep up with all of my favorite artists.

What’s your favorite piece of Haley Reinhart memorabilia?
I’d have to say my favorite memorabilia is either the “Better Tour” t-shirt or the signed flipbook that came with the pre-order of “Listen Up!” The photo of me, the flipbook, and “Listen Up!” is from the night I received it in the mail (May 21, 2012). I’ll never forget the excitement I had when I came home from my piano recital to find it sitting on the front porch.

What was your first concert ever, the last concert you’ve seen and what will be the next?
The first full-fledged concert I attended was the Tedeschi Trucks Band back in November 2014; the last concert I went to was Dua Lipa’s concert in March; and the next concert I hope to attend is Haley’s in Chicago.

How many times have you seen Haley Reinhart live?
I’ve seen Haley live 3 times. However, one of these was the Celebrity Softball game in Kansas City on July 8, 2012. Does that count? Yes? Okay, awesome. Our family decided to make a little vacation centered around the softball game just so I could see Haley. I remember being within about 100 feet of Haley at the baseball stadium and seeing her beauty radiate through my soul. I also will never forget that cute little neon green bow she was rocking. What an angel.

The next time I saw Haley live was with Postmodern Jukebox on May 31, 2015. This time, I was blessed to actually meet her in person right before the show. When I told her my name, she was like, “aww from twitter!!” I about died right then, right there. I gave her a cute floppy hat, a sunflower headband, and a note expressing my gratitude for her; I legit could not stop shaking. After the show concluded, I ran into her and Scott and told them that I went to the celebrity softball game in Kansas City. She was so embarrassed about dropping the ball and was trying to explain what happened by flailing her arms in the air. The fact that my mom was able to capture a picture of her doing that was just icing on the cake. After signing her name on my phone, she started to hand it back when she hesitated and pulled the phone back so that she could write “xoxo” under her gorgeous signature.

The last and most recent time I saw Haley was on the “Better Tour” in Los Angeles on June 6, 2016. Yes, I flew out there from Dallas. Yes, I am crazy. But, hey – it’s freaking Haley Reinhart. This is where I got to meet Haley again and watch her slay every single song. I was also able to meet some lovely, beautiful, and iconic Haliens, leaving me shook beyond belief. My heart was filled with so much joy seeing Haley headline her own tour. It was like a proud parent watching their child graduate. My fragile heart cannot handle the joy that is Haley Elizabeth Reinhart.

Did you attend any shows on the Haley’s recent U.S. or European Tour? If so, which ones?
I attended the Better Tour in Los Angeles on June 6, 2016.

Will you be attending any shows on her Fall 2017 What’s That Sound? Tour?
I’m hoping to attend her show in Chicago this November!

What’s the furthest you’ve traveled to see a show?
The furthest I have traveled for a show was from Dallas to Los Angeles to see THE Haley Reinhart.

Tell us something about Haley Reinhart that a lot of other fans may not know?
Haley low-key invented ze pose of the century during a photo shoot in the middle of the desert. All Haley wanted was a little water – instead, she started a movement. #Reinharting, it’s a thing.

(Reinharting Collage made by THE Rachel Cloves in 2013 – I’m near the top right corner)

If you could tell Haley Reinhart one thing, what would it be?
Haley, you have no idea how much you mean to me. When I first saw you on Idol so many years ago, I was a shy, little 14-year-old who never was able to speak up for himself. Over the years, you’ve taught me how to exude confidence in such a beautiful and effortless way. You and your music were there for me through my battles with depression and anxiety; I don’t know what I would have done without you. I can’t thank you enough for all that you’ve done for me in my life. You truly are an angel and I’ll love you forever and ever.

Do you stay in touch with other Haliens? Tell us how your mutual fandom has helped you connect with others.
Keeping Up With Ze Haliens is my favorite pastime. There are so many amazing people I’ve come to know over the years of being a Halien. They are truly the kindest, sweetest, most accepting, loving, energetic, charismatic, joyous, perfect group of people. We’re all part of this amazing family, bonded by our crazy love for Haley. I couldn’t ask for a better fandom.


Haley Reinhart is releasing What’s That Sound? soon… what track(s) are you most looking forward to hearing?
I think I’m most excited to hear “Oh! Darling.” It holds such a special place in my heart.

Two tracks from What’s That Sound? Have been released so far… give your thoughts on both “Baby It’s You” and “The Letter”. Which track do you think will be released next?
My wig: snatched. Haley’s ability to take classic songs and interpret them in such a beautiful way leaves me speechless each and every time. I had been waiting for a studio version of “Baby It’s You” from Haley since she teased it and I was not disappointed in the final product. “The Letter” was the icing on my cake (see what I did there). It’s such fun song to listen to and I can’t help but bop my head. I absolutely love both songs and am so excited for this HR3 era.

I’m guessing the next single off of WTS? will be either “Oh! Darling” or “Can’t Find My Way Home.”

You can follow Collin on Twitter @reinhartsivan and Instagram @coll.in.moore.

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