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F is For Family is Back for Season 2 & The Reviews Are In!

See what critics had to say about the new episodes below:

"As the return of F Is For Family continues to assert, life rarely gives you exactly what you want."
- Dennis Perkins, A.V. Club

"I like so many things about F Is For Family, and the way it’s thought through the inner lives of even the most minor and/or broad character."
- Alan Sepinwall, Uproxx

"F is for Family returns with a second season filled with obscenities, indignities, rampant abuse, and harshness as only Bill Burr can deliver."
- Matt Fowler, IGN

"The immensely funny show captures the beauty, stress, fragility, and utter madness of growing up lower middle class in a way that is unabashedly honest."
- James Shotwell, Substream Magazine

"Overall, F Is for Family improves in its second season, without changing much at all. It’s a bit funnier, a bit smarter and perhaps even a little bit dirtier, but many will find season 2 to be a straight continuation from season 1."
- Daniel Johnson, ScreenRant

F is For Family Season 2 is now available for streaming exclusively on Netflix.

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